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                Customized Training Coming Soon in…

                Corporate Training:

                • Electric Vehicles Basics
                • Battery Management System (BMS)
                • Battery Pack Design and Development
                • Motor Controller Design
                • Electric 2 Wheeler Design
                • Electric Bicycle Design
                • Electric 4 Wheeler Design
                • Automotive Electronics Design and Development
                • Automotive Software Architecture and Development

                Classroom Training:

                • Advanced Automotive Electronics Certification Course
                • Basic Electric Vehicle Systems Certification Course
                • Advanced Electric Vehicle System Design Certification Course
                • Advance EV Battery Pack Design Certification Course
                • Advanced NLP Artificial Intelligence Certification Course

                Online Training:

                • Electric Vehicle Introductory Training
                • Battery Management Introductory Training
                • BLDC Motor Controller Introductory Training
                • NLP Introductory Training
                • Automotive Electronics Introductory Training
                • Automotive Software Introductory Training